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The Amunategi Winery is located in the municipality of Busturia, between Gernika and Bermeo, on the left bank of the Mundaka estuary, in a gently sloping area facing south. The entire property is located in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

Close to the Amunategi winery and farmhouse, is the Madariaga Tower, which dates from a date prior to the 15th century. This tower house houses the Basque Country Biodiversity Center and the Interpretation Center of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve (Ekoetxea). In addition, it has a museum on biodiversity, which is remarkably interesting to visit.

The nearby Urdaibai marshes are true sanctuaries of natural life, and are considered, along with coral reefs and humid tropical forests, the most productive ecosystems on the planet.


The Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve hosts more than 240 species of birds, of which about 100 can be observed in the marshes throughout the year.

In the town of Busturia, visitors can see old buildings, such as churches, hermitages, monumental farmhouses ..., scattered throughout the municipality.

The oak grove of Aingerubide, located at the foot of the rock of Atxapunte (in the Axpe neighborhood), although it is small, is of great natural interest.

From the Axpe neighborhood we access to San Antonio beach, on the Mundaka estuary, where there are several bars and restaurants with terraces.

The visitor can make excursions to Gaztelugatxe, Bermeo, Mundaka, Gernika, see the enchanted forest of Oma, visit the exterior of the prehistoric caves of Santimamiñe, ...





Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

An extraordinarily beautiful space, where nature, heritage and culture, its towns and its people coexist in harmony.
To enjoy with the family, and outdoors.
Accommodations with the rural charm and beauty of Urdaibai.

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Mundaka Surf

Mundaka proudly boasts its left wave, considered one of the best in Europe. Every year this famous wave attracts many surfers from all over the world, who fill the waters with color with their boards.

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Gernika Peace Museum

The Gernika Peace Museum is a thematic museum dedicated to the culture of peace and is inspired by the tragic bombing of Gernika.

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Gernika Tree and General Assemblies

Located in the town of Gernika, this old oak tree and the nearby Parliament House symbolize the Basque people and their liberties.

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Bermeo Fisherman's Museum

The Fisherman's Museum, located above the Old Port of Bermeo, is one of the few museums in the world dedicated exclusively to showing visitors the environment, life, work, and techniques of fishermen.

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Urdaibai Bird Center

Urdaibai Bird Center is a large living nature museum located in the municipality of Gautegiz-Arteaga, open to the public for the enjoyment of the world of birds and their migrations. This museum is a unique observatory of the Urdaibai marshes.

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The oak grove of Aingerubide

The Aingerubide oak grove, located at the foot of the Atxapunte rock, although small, is an enclave of great natural interest.

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